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Nevis Taxi Service & Guided Tours - Nevis Villas

Nevis Hire Car Rental Is Affordable - Nevis Rental Villas

Nevis Taxi Service & Guided Tours

Nevis Hire Car Rental Is Affordable


  Traveling Around Nevis Is Fun, Easy, And Inexpensive

   While staying at your luxury Nevis villa, there are three main ways to get around the island of Nevis.

1. Hiring a rental car in Nevis is the recommended way, the vehicles are safe, clean, affordable, and best of all they allow you the freedom to come and go where and when you please. Driving is on the left hand side, but is easily mastered in a hour or so for those of you not used to it. A temporary Nevis drivers license is required, and can be retained either form your car rental agency or at one of the local Police stations. Just show your personal drivers license, hand over a small fee, and you are good to go. For rental cars we suggest the following company:

Nevis Car Rental
Claude Nisbett
Shaws Road
Newcastle, Nevis


Book before arrival in Nevis to avoid disappointment!

2. You may wish to just use a taxi service if you plan to stay in your villa most of the time. Though we do not suggest this, as you will miss so much of what Nevis has to offer, and even a few lengthy taxi rides can cost as much as a rental car. If you do decide to use a taxi service then we suggest the following gentleman:

Stedroy Dore (pictured above with some of our guests)
Smile on Me Taxi Service
Taxi # 4991
Hickmans Village
Gingerland, Nevis
[email protected]

869.663.0068 Phone

   If you call before your arrival in Nevis, Stedroy will cheerfully pick you up at Nevis airport. This has an added bonus of getting a free “mini-tour” of Nevis on the way to your villa. Now there are other reputable taxi firms in Nevis, but beware of what we like to call “tourist-taxis” These are generally not as colorful, are owned or managed by larger firms, and are a lot more expensive. Try to stick with the “owner-operator” taxis. We think you will find the ride a lot more enjoyable.

3. You can always jump on one of the local minibuses to get around Nevis. This is the least expensive ways to travel from point to point, and in our estimation the most fun. The local minibuses are very colorful, with fun names, such as Zion Train, Energizer, Rumours, etc. This is a cultural experience not to be missed! The buses will say on their windshield where they are going for those not in the know, and you can always ask the driver where he goes in Nevis or what bus you need to get where you want to go.

   To catch one of these local buses, just stand on the side of the road, and when you see one coming, just flag it down as you would a cab in New York or London. There really is no set time table, but the minibuses come by quite often. They will pick you up and drop you off at any point along their route. You can also catch these buses in town by the main square. The fares are VERY inexpensive, and you have the added bonus of meeting some of the friendly Nevisians. We strongly urge you to try this mode of getting around the island of Nevis at least once.

For those more adventuresome, you can also hire mountain bikes or scooters (mopeds).


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