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Nisbet Plantationís Beach - Nevis - Villa Rentals Of Nevis

Nevis Beaches Are Family Friendly - Villa Rentals In Nevis

Nisbet Plantation’s Beach - Nevis

Nevis Beaches Are Family Friendly


The Island Of Nevis Has Some Of The Best Beaches In The Caribbean

Cades Bay Beach Nevis, West Indies - Villa Rentals Of Nevis

Cades Bay Beach - Good swimming, sandy bottom, very soft, almost powder like sand. The waves break quickly here, and can be a bit high in a strong wind. Great views of the Caribbean, Saint Kitts, and Nevis Peak in the background. The beach is just off the main road by the Cades Bay Inn. As always in Nevis...all beaches are public to the high water line.

Lover's Beach Nevis, West Indies - Villa Rentals Of Nevis

Lover’s Beach - The mile-long Lover's Beach, is a very private and secluded beach with a intimate atmosphere. The sea here is usually a bit rough, and not suitable for small children or inexperienced swimmers. This beach is pretty, unspoiled and perfect for sunbathing in privacy. Many visitors enjoy this beach for a early morning stroll, or just for taking in the great views of the Caribbean and neighboring island Saint Kitts. Off the main road, but can be a bit hard to find.

Newcastle Beach Nevis, West Indies -  Villa Rentals Of Nevis

Newcastle Beach - This broad swath of soft white sand is shaded by coconut trees and sits at the northernmost tip of the island near Nisbet Plantation. It is popular with snorkelers, but has some stony sections and occasional strong currents can kick up seaweed and the sandy bottom. Many visitors enjoy watching the planes take off from Nevis airport, as they gracefully climb over the narrows between Saint Kitts and Nevis. Newcastle beach is just off the main road near Nisbet Plantation.

Nisbet Beach Nevis, West Indies - Villa Rentals Of Nevis

Nisbet Beach - One of the most beautiful beaches on Nevis, this white sandy stretch affords beautiful views of Saint Kitts and the azure blue sea. The home of the Nisbet Plantation Beach Club, this beach is a favorite of many tourists looking for peace and tranquility. It is a great place for sunbathing, swimming, reading, lounging in hammocks, or strolling under the palm-lined beach. The nearby hotel has a beach bar for lunch, snacks and drinks. Located off the main road through Blue Crescent Estates.

Oualie Beach Nevis, West Indies - Villa Rentals Of Nevis.

Oualie Beach - The most popular beach spot on Nevis. With a lively beach bar, and a restaurant, most visitors wind up here at some point during their stay. This beige colored beach is lined with palms and sea grape plants. Several beach chairs and hammocks line the sand and the lawn behind it. Oualie is home to Scuba Safaris, and Nevis Watersports, as well as sailing charters. Children love this beach because they'll usually find a friend here. Off the main road at the Oualie Beach Hotel.

Pinney's Beach Nevis, West Indies - Villa Rentals Of Nevis

Pinney’s Beach - The famous Pinney's Beach, named for one of the largest plantation owners on Nevis in the 19th century, John Pinney, is a fabulous stretch of beach, and the home of the posh, but touristy Four Seasons Resort. Smooth, soft, sugar-fine white sands are punctuated by coconut palms. The water, calm and shallow, is perfect for swimming or wading. It is also home to Sunshine's Beach bar and Chevy's Calypso Beach bar. Across the way, there are beautiful views of Saint. Kitts, and behind is the majestic Nevis Peak. Off the main road, by 4 Seasons.


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