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Nevis Sailing Charters Are Affordable -  Villa Rentals Of Nevis

Sailing Off The Coast Of Nevis - Villa Rentals Of Nevis

Nevis Sailing Charters Are Affordable

Sailing Off The Coast Of Nevis



Nevis, West Indies Sailing Charter Information

"harbours of such excellence that description would not gain belief”

Christopher Columbus 1494

   Much has changed since those days, but the beauty of the Caribbean has remained. The allure that brought Columbus back again and again is still working its charm. Nowhere else in the world will you find a group of islands emerging from the ocean's floor offering so much to the sailor and discoverer as well, and Nevis is no exception! Nevis has several companies that offer sailing charters, and or rental boats, see below for more information.

Cayona Charters
(catamaran sailing)
Phone (869) 469-9494

Nevis Water Sports
(power boat rentals)
Phone (869) 469-9690

Tropical Dreamer
(glass-bottom sailing catamaran)
Saint Kitts
Phone (869) 465-8224

Leeward Island Charters
(catamaran sailing)
Boats based on both Saint Kitts & Nevis
Phone (869) 465-7474


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